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★ Anniversary to present to you ★ 6 great awards & birthday · surprise · anniversary course (Hall cake / sound / lighting etc.)

★ Anniversary to present to you ★ 6 great awards & birthday · surprise · anniversary course (Hall cake / sound / lighting etc.)

By using a coupon3000 yen

【Birthday / anniversary / marriage / farewell party ♪】 【+ 500 yen meal doubling】

  • 10items
  • 2persons-

【Toast with colorful American cake】 【3 great yen with tax included】 Surprise birthday course ★ Let's pass on daily gratitude to important people ♪ The popular surprise birthday course is all 10 items of cuisine 1. Cute design plate 2. Patissier Hand made hole cake 3. Toast sparkling 4. Light down 5. Sound effect 6. Memorial photography ■ 【with 6 large benefits】 【3,000 yen including tax】 Let's make the surprise a success so that important people are not noticed

Course menu

1】 Meat of organic potatoes Potasara (self-grown vegetable harvest)

Variety also changes daily according to the harvest season of the own vegetable garden ♪

Three different daily organic potatoes

※ May Queen ※ Shadow Queen ※ Northern Ruby

2】 Wagyu bee stew with Porto sake

3】 Non-pesticide vegetables NY style jar salad

* Energetic cup raised with complete pesticide at home farm! Boast organic vegetables

4】 2 kinds of daily potatoes

· Massa Man Potato

· Mexican tacos potato

5】 NY style !! Zone with bones

※ Hokkaido taste ♪ bone meat with butter cream

6] Ajejo of Nishiki shrine chicken

※ Aichi prefecture Toyohashi city chicken brocade chicken peppers Mei meat use

7】 Authentic France Paris airborne natural yeast bucket

8] Black Angus cow «soft healthy lean» lamp steak

【One person + 500 yen meal twice】

※ Our shop's lamp uses only the USDA certified USDA choice grade lamp of good quality, it is lean but it is boasting Pasa Tsukasagi juicy ♪

9] 5 types of daily creative pasta!

· Buttaneska of meat

· Kuroge Wagyu Beef Boronese

· Angus cow bibi pasta

· Angus cow and tuna corn Bambino

· Ise red chicken red cream sauce

10】 Hand made homemade ♪ 【American Hall cake】 & Message plate

(Please feel free to contact me with your message · name etc. ♪)

To the important one ♪ with the feeling of daily gratitude ♪ 6 benefits ♪

Award 1 Cute design plate

Benefits 2 Patissie handmade ♪ American Hall cake (name and message order received on plate for free ♪)

Benefit 3 Toasting sparkling (for people)

Benefits 4 Lighting Down

Benefit 5 Loud sound

Benefit 6 Memorial photography

* Popular colorful American hall cake in New York

※ All dishes other than appetizers are served out firmly 1 item!

※ All you can drink is available for 120 minutes 1500 yen.

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Tuesday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Holidays

2019/01/13 update